Sunday, May 31, 2009

HighWay is Getting Braver!

He is flying around the house now, jumping on your feet and between our chairs! Such a character...I knew he would be when I first laid eyes on him. He still runs to the office for his 'safe' room.

God is so good! He answers our prayers in many way's. Not always the way we think! This Health thing was really bringing me down and I prayed to be healed! I always had faith that I would get my healing. He has taken me from Bad Places many times. I have learned when you blame the only one who can help you; you block His help. Poof! There is Highway; a diversion off myself. I was going to let the Pet Pals (our no kill group) foster him and give him a home. Poof! They were full. So, it was up to me this little kitten who could not take care of himself. Has my legs gotten better? No, not yet, but they will! Has my attitude changed? You bet! I have something to do that is bigger than me for the moment.

So as HighWay grows and make his place in our lives, I grow too. I mean I have been blamed by family that when I get depressed I get animals, but you know; They come with less side effects than medications! Also, just to make sure you know, I never take in 'more' than can be cared for properly and with good vet care. Then again God has never let me!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hallelujah! One Week of relief!

Praise God!!! I was called by the Veteran's Administration yesterday and they cancelled the Lumbar Puncture for Today! So I am very relieved! Although next Thursday we have to go for MORE test and then the dreaded LP on Next Friday!

All prayers will be I am so scared of this thing. I know the actual procedure, I will be numbed in the back, but the spinal headache afterwards is what I REALLY want to avoid!

I hope to be able to write a wonderful Praise report after the fact, giving God and all my prayer partners the Glory!

I will miss G's 8th grade graduation and this will be the first of his graduations that I have ever missed. Those things with my grandchildren matter so much to me, milestones. I know G will understand as he has the most tender of hearts and will know I really wanted to be there instead of at the Hospital.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Candlelight and Thunderstorms

The sky's never really got light this a.m. there was the really dark stuff out over the bay that came rolling in about 8:30a.m. During Good Morning America, the satellite went goofus and I knew we were in for it. I have a Chat about 10a.m. Central time at American Pain Foundation. A group of fellow paniacs get together and make each other laugh or cry...Great Therapy! There is where there too I find those that love me for me...the real me...that me...

Then I have the Hubs! I am TexasChickiMama there too! A Great place for me to touch base with the real world as mine sometimes is in my yard on the water or here on the computer.

Then BOOM! then BOOM, Booom, rumble Boom (over kill but you get the idea) the house shook and poof! no lights... We have great huge windows that let light in, but as I said the storm was very dark! so the candles came out. We live in Hurricane Mode and have the essentials.

Russ read his Bible and a book he is studying about being 'set' free...That could be scary! He is a Mighty prayer warrior and really concentrated on Lesa a friend who is suffering right now.

I had crocheted a sterling silver bracelet the night before and started thinking through the latch part.

We began talking to each other about finding a Church locally to go to. There are many to choose from...but...Then we talked about scripture and prayer. I looked at the clock on my mobile phone and knew to scratch the idea of the Chat...

The storm passed and the light company came and about 1p.m. things we back rolling along.

There is a peace on both of us though. It was nice sitting with all our pets in the candle lit dark talking to each other about nothing in particular. Maybe we should 'pretend' and do it more often!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Wonders

I wanted to post the pictures I took this a.m. I put them in the slide show on the right. I just love going out and seeing what is blooming. As you see I am a successful Gardener. I owe it to my mixture of compost (regular and worm casing from my red wigglers) and Miracle Grow Dirt the one that has the moisture control. Down here in the Texas we get downpours then no rain for weeks on end. Mixing these components together has seem to make all the difference.

I have had white mildew problems due to our humidity in the summer. I spray for it, but I think pulling up the infected plants and discarding them in the trash bin is the only real help.

What little exercise I get is from fishing and the garden. I try to do a little every day, even if only 10 minutes. That 10 minutes still shows! Now, my REAL secret is I pray over every plant when I plant it or the seeds...I Ask God to let this plant grow and bloom and produce for His Glory! That He is the Creator of all things, and I need His blessings on my garden! It Works...when those plants know they have to grow for God...Boy, Do They!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Here is Russ, He is my Friend too. He is the one who found me in the road. I am sure glad he did. Everyone is spoiling me, I have been here almost a week and I am learning all the holes to run into. I have toys that smells like another cat. They are fun to play with! I eat all the time so that I can grow! I have already learned to use my potty box.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here I am enjoying my Kitty
Milk. Russ is feeding me this time, so Angy can take the pictures.

A New Picture of Highway

Good Morning! I had My Breakfast then got in bed! I am growing up!
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Friday, May 22, 2009

HighWay My New Kitten!

Here He is...The vet thinks he is about 4 weeks old. I thought it would be fun to watch him grow right here on my blog.

He was found in the middle of Highway 35 with cars zipping by. No one would stop, so my sweet hubby did.

He is fitting right in with our many pets, 2 Labs, on Yellow and one Black, A geriatric Standard Poodle and a short guy (7lbs) Pocket. I think it will be a great family fit!