Friday, May 29, 2009

Hallelujah! One Week of relief!

Praise God!!! I was called by the Veteran's Administration yesterday and they cancelled the Lumbar Puncture for Today! So I am very relieved! Although next Thursday we have to go for MORE test and then the dreaded LP on Next Friday!

All prayers will be I am so scared of this thing. I know the actual procedure, I will be numbed in the back, but the spinal headache afterwards is what I REALLY want to avoid!

I hope to be able to write a wonderful Praise report after the fact, giving God and all my prayer partners the Glory!

I will miss G's 8th grade graduation and this will be the first of his graduations that I have ever missed. Those things with my grandchildren matter so much to me, milestones. I know G will understand as he has the most tender of hearts and will know I really wanted to be there instead of at the Hospital.

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