Sunday, May 31, 2009

HighWay is Getting Braver!

He is flying around the house now, jumping on your feet and between our chairs! Such a character...I knew he would be when I first laid eyes on him. He still runs to the office for his 'safe' room.

God is so good! He answers our prayers in many way's. Not always the way we think! This Health thing was really bringing me down and I prayed to be healed! I always had faith that I would get my healing. He has taken me from Bad Places many times. I have learned when you blame the only one who can help you; you block His help. Poof! There is Highway; a diversion off myself. I was going to let the Pet Pals (our no kill group) foster him and give him a home. Poof! They were full. So, it was up to me this little kitten who could not take care of himself. Has my legs gotten better? No, not yet, but they will! Has my attitude changed? You bet! I have something to do that is bigger than me for the moment.

So as HighWay grows and make his place in our lives, I grow too. I mean I have been blamed by family that when I get depressed I get animals, but you know; They come with less side effects than medications! Also, just to make sure you know, I never take in 'more' than can be cared for properly and with good vet care. Then again God has never let me!

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