Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Candlelight and Thunderstorms

The sky's never really got light this a.m. there was the really dark stuff out over the bay that came rolling in about 8:30a.m. During Good Morning America, the satellite went goofus and I knew we were in for it. I have a Chat about 10a.m. Central time at American Pain Foundation. A group of fellow paniacs get together and make each other laugh or cry...Great Therapy! There is where there too I find those that love me for me...the real me...that me...

Then I have the Hubs! I am TexasChickiMama there too! A Great place for me to touch base with the real world as mine sometimes is in my yard on the water or here on the computer.

Then BOOM! then BOOM, Booom, rumble Boom (over kill but you get the idea) the house shook and poof! no lights... We have great huge windows that let light in, but as I said the storm was very dark! so the candles came out. We live in Hurricane Mode and have the essentials.

Russ read his Bible and a book he is studying about being 'set' free...That could be scary! He is a Mighty prayer warrior and really concentrated on Lesa a friend who is suffering right now.

I had crocheted a sterling silver bracelet the night before and started thinking through the latch part.

We began talking to each other about finding a Church locally to go to. There are many to choose from...but...Then we talked about scripture and prayer. I looked at the clock on my mobile phone and knew to scratch the idea of the Chat...

The storm passed and the light company came and about 1p.m. things we back rolling along.

There is a peace on both of us though. It was nice sitting with all our pets in the candle lit dark talking to each other about nothing in particular. Maybe we should 'pretend' and do it more often!

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