Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Wonders

I wanted to post the pictures I took this a.m. I put them in the slide show on the right. I just love going out and seeing what is blooming. As you see I am a successful Gardener. I owe it to my mixture of compost (regular and worm casing from my red wigglers) and Miracle Grow Dirt the one that has the moisture control. Down here in the Texas we get downpours then no rain for weeks on end. Mixing these components together has seem to make all the difference.

I have had white mildew problems due to our humidity in the summer. I spray for it, but I think pulling up the infected plants and discarding them in the trash bin is the only real help.

What little exercise I get is from fishing and the garden. I try to do a little every day, even if only 10 minutes. That 10 minutes still shows! Now, my REAL secret is I pray over every plant when I plant it or the seeds...I Ask God to let this plant grow and bloom and produce for His Glory! That He is the Creator of all things, and I need His blessings on my garden! It Works...when those plants know they have to grow for God...Boy, Do They!

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Janice said...

Is Highway helping you yet, chasing away moths & the like? My dad used to keep catnip planted at garden's edge :) Happy Gardening!